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      Root Canals in Denver, CO

      The idea of needing a root canal procedure can make some people turn as white as a ghost, but that is only because they haven’t experienced the pain-free procedures performed by the endodontist at Washington Park Dental Center. Our root canals in Denver, CO, are all performed by a caring and experienced dentist who wants to make sure you don’t have any pain, stress, or issues leading up to, during, or after your procedure.

      As your root canal dentist, we use the very best in state-of-the-art technology and procedures to help you through the entire process so you can relieve yourself of the pain caused by your inflamed or diseased nerve. When an injury or a deep cavity is causing you intense pain, our root canals will help you remove the offensive bacteria and decay so you can save your tooth as well as stop the pain.

      Do You Need to See Our Root Canal Dentist?

      With regular checkups and cleanings, it is rare that an issue will get so bad that you will need to see our root canal dentist, but sometimes infections can still spring up and cause damage to your teeth. A root canal procedure is one of the primary treatments used to save teeth that would otherwise die and need to be extracted. This highly effective procedure lasts a lifetime and will help you keep your original teeth and the impressive smile that comes with them.

      Are you experiencing issues with your teeth? This could mean you are in need of a dental exam to determine what is going on. Warning signs that you might need a root canal procedure include:

      • Sensitivity to Hold or Cold
      • An Abscess on Your Gums
      • Persistent & Severe Toothache
      • Tooth Discoloration
      • Swelling & Tenderness of the Tooth & Gums
      • Irritation in the Surrounding Gum Tissue
      • Visible Signs of an Infection During Our X-Ray Procedure

      Painless Root Canal Procedure

      Each tooth is made up of three distinct layers. The hard, outer layer is called the enamel. The soft, middle layer is known as the dentin. The inner layer of soft tissue is known as the dental pulp. This dental pulp is made up of a number of nerve fibers, blood vessels, and lymph tissue that keeps the tooth around it alive. If decay or damage has reached this innermost layer, then you are going to be in need of a root canal procedure from our dentist.

      We make sure you are in no pain as we perform our root canals so that you feel comfortable and confidant coming to us when you are having any sort of dental issues. If you don’t handle a dental pulp infection quickly, not only will you be in a lot of pain, but you can also end up experiencing numerous major health problems, including the loss of teeth and cardiac problems.

      Contact us for more information about how our root canals can help you relieve dental pain. Our endodontist performs painless root canal procedures for patients located throughout the communities of Denver, Washington Park Neighborhood, Englewood, Littleton, and Lakewood, Colorado, as well as the surrounding areas.

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