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      TMJ Dentist in Denver, CO

      What exactly is TMJ? Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders are a group of conditions that can cause a person a lot of pain and dysfunction in their jaw joint as well as in the muscles that control their jaw’s movement. This condition affects millions of Americans throughout the country, but there are safe and effective treatments available for those in need of relief from this disorder.

      Washington Park Dental Center is a TMJ dentist in Denver, CO, ready to provide you with the TMJ pain treatments you need to relieve the symptoms and discomfort associated with your disorder. Our dentist understands the signs and symptoms of TMJ and can provide you with solutions that truly help you out.

      Professional TMJ Treatments for Patients

      From teaching you self-care practices that can help you ease the symptoms of TMJ to providing you with pain medications, stabilization splints, and other treatments, our team is ready to do what it takes to help you overcome the effects of your TMJ. While the exact causes and symptoms of this disease are not quite clear, our TMJ dentist is able to work through your symptoms to properly diagnose you and ensure you are getting the right treatment you need.

      There are a number of TMJ treatments that our dentist is ready to perform to help you through the issues associated with this disorder. Some of the most effective ways of treating your TMJ include:

      Modifying the Pain—This is when our TMJ dentist helps you rest your jaw joint, provides you with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or applies moist heat to the areas in pain.

      Practicing Relaxation Techniques—Stress is one of the biggest contributors to TMJ. Our dentist provides biofeedback and relaxation training to help you manage your stress. Additionally we may prescribe a night guard to help you prevent grinding your teeth during sleep.

      Fixing Poorly Aligned Teeth—If the alignment of your teeth is off then you could be putting extra stress on your jaw bone and muscles. Our TMJ dentist might suggest making some adjustments, including orthodontic treatments, to help you correct the alignment of your teeth and relieve some of the physical stress put on your jaw.

      Helpful TMJ Pain Treatments

      Knowing how to properly treat the pain associated with TMJ is important for helping you improve your overall wellness. Make sure you come and talk to our dentist if you think you are suffering from TMJ so we can begin providing you with the pain treatments you need to relieve the symptoms associated with this disorder.

      Contact us to begin receiving TMJ pain treatments to help you overcome your painful ailment. Our TMJ dentist is ready to provide services to patients located throughout the communities of Denver, Washington Park Neighborhood, Englewood, Littleton, and Lakewood, Colorado, as well as the surrounding areas.

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